About me

This video will explain to you my story and why I’m doing this.

Step One

Just like a ship needs a harbor to dock at, we as humans need a clearly defined purpose to give us the unlimited energy we need to overcome the waves, winds, and obstacles we will face as we set sail on this adventure called life.

Define your purpose

Grab a notebook or a piece of paper and get ready to follow along with me as I teach you exactly how to find your purpose in life.


Step Two

There are only two books that you need to read in order to become an expert socializer and never struggle with your social life again. I have saved you hours of time by summarizing the key concepts of both books and given you ACTIONABLE steps to take in order actually put these books to use. However, these lessons will only work if you put them to use… so put them to use.

Laws Of Human Nature

Make sure you have a notepad out to take notes as you watch this video.

How to win friends and influence people

Take the actionable step after each video

Now if you really want to TRANSFORM into the best possible version of yourself continue scrolling. These next steps will show you how to maximize your potential and ultimately make you a better socializer.

(Only continue if you think you can do the hard work necessary)

Step Three

Now that you’ve learned how to navigate in social situations, you need to gain the CONFIDENCE to show up as your best self in every interaction you have. Your health is the most important factor in contributing to how you feel. Follow these guides below if you really want to take yourself to the next level.


Start with step one and only move on once you think you are ready. The most important thing is consistency, if you’re not doing the small steps consistently there’s no point in moving on.


This is an incredibly SIMPLIFIED nutrition plan that absolutely anyone can follow. Take the lessons from this guide and apply it to your own life, do what works best for you, the key is sticking to it.

Step Four 

You need something aside from just work or school in your life to live a more fulfilled life. It’s important to pick up a passion/hobby to not only give you more stories to talk about, but also to find like-minded individuals and friends to form deep connections with.

Find your passion

I will give you multiple examples of passions/hobbies that you can try yourself. It doesn’t matter how bad you think you’ll be at a certain skill, if you start, and you really want to do it… you can.

Step Five 

After an athlete plays a game, they watch it back to analyze all the different aspects of their game that they can improve on… why do they do this? Because it is VITAL to analyze in order to improve. You need to journal in order to reflect on the areas in your life that are going well, and the areas you need to improve upon.


Before watching this, go out and get a journal. Now that you’ve done that let me show you what I’ve found to be the most effective way of journaling.

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